Keto Flu
Feeling Tired and Headachy

Hello, how are you all doing?  Myself, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. I’ve had an annoying case of the Keto Flu. For any who are not aware of what the Keto Flu is, here’s the short answer, it’s an adjustment period when your body switches over from burning carbs for energy to burning fat for energy. Here are the symptoms I’ve been experiencing;

* headache
* tiredness
* nausea
* jitters
* sugar and carb cravings
* excess thirst
* excess urination

Others may experience;

* brain fog
* dizziness
* insomnia
* diarrhea
* constipation
* muscle soreness and/or cramping

If you’re considering going on a Keto diet, don’t let the Keto Flu stop you. Not everyone experiences it, and not everyone who has symptoms, have severe symptoms. My symptoms were intermediate. Somewhere between feeling my normal self and the real flu. My most prominent symptoms were tiredness and headache, nothing an ibuprofen and a short nap didn’t clear up. The jitters and excess urination were somewhat problematic at work and in the middle of the night. I wouldn’t say I had insomnia but I have had to get up several times to pee during the night. I only had carb and sugar cravings for the first couple of days. From what I understand, your body has enough carbs stored to last a couple of days. I’m guessing that when my supplies were running low, my body was nagging me to eat lots and lots of cookies! I resisted but just barely. After that first few days my cravings disappeared and my appetite drastically decreased. This makes sense to me because of the way simple carbs spike insulin levels, they really are like a drug.  I’ve been feeling much better the last couple of days. The only symptoms I’m still experiencing are excess thirst and urination. If you’re interested in a good detailed description of what happens to your body during this transition, here is an awesome video to watch.

You may be wondering if Keto is worth all the trouble.  I have to say that yes, it definitely is.  Here are a few of the benefits I have experienced so far.  My appetite has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY.  After the initial tiredness, I have experienced an increase of energy, not just a little but a lot!  And last but certainly not least, I have lost five pounds in the last week (I’m sure it’s mostly water but still better than any other diet I have tried), but for now, I’m just excited to see where Keto takes me.


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