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2017 was an interesting year food-wise for me.  I tried quite a few different diets.  This last month, I have been examining my diet in depth.  First there was the raw food diet.  That was just what it sounds like, eating what you please as long as it was a raw whole food.  This mostly meant fruits and veggies.  I did include some raw oats and some nutritional yeast but this diet left me tired and hungry all the time.  The plus side was that it taught me to eat a lot more produce.  I also learned the value of eating foods that are raw or very lightly cooked.  If produce is cooked too long, valuable vitamins and enzymes are lost.

Next was a vegetarian diet which quickly morphed to full vegan diet.  I followed this way of eating most of the year.  It was mostly very good for me.  I continued to eat a good amount of produce and I felt generally very healthy.  I put a good amount of effort making sure that I got enough protein, but being vegan can leave out a fair amount of fat; and I didn’t realize how valuable healthy dietary fat can be for your body.

Lastly, I tried a ketogenic diet.  I tried really hard with this diet.  There is a lot of good scientific data to back it up.  I followed the diet to the best of my ability but just found it next to impossible  getting into and staying in ketosis.  I felt really tired and grumpy most of  the time.  The up side was that keto killed my appetite.

For the last two weeks I’ve been on Christmas break.  I have reverted to my old habits prior to last year, the Standard American Diet.  The SAD diet is high in refined carbs and sugars.  It is low in fresh fruits and veggies.  Yes, I had my fill of Christmas cookies (and not much else!!).  It was fun and satisfying eating all those cookies but now my joints hurt and my tummy is bloated.

Reflecting back on the year, I decided that I learned a lot from all these different eating plans (or lack there of).  I realized that being healthy probably means balance and moderation.  Everything I did last year was lopsided.  I ate too much of one food group and not enough of another.  I dove straight into researching what a healthy diet looked like.  Tomorrow,  I’ll start sharing what I learned as well as what my new eating plan looks like.

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