Can't Keto Anymore
Just Can’t Do It Anymore

I gave Keto my best try. I was super excited and super dedicated to this way of eating but it just wasn’t for me, so I am calling it quits on Keto. I have many reasons including;

* I always seemed to just hover above ketosis, not actually drop into it except for a maybe a week or so and then I’d eat God knows what and get kicked out of ketosis (not including the birthday cake ;).
* It was very restrictive. I got tired of never being able to eat what everyone else was eating..
* I’m lactose intolerant.
* I never liked eggs much.
* I never liked fatty foods much.
* I was always exhausted.
* I had muscle cramps.
* I started having chest pains.

I stopped Keto a few days ago and I’m already feeling much better. The chest pains and muscle cramps stopped almost immediately. My energy is coming back and I’m in a much better mood. The only good thing to come out of the experience was that I did lose 10 pounds.

I have not given up on my quest for fitness. In fact I have a couple of posts coming soon that will address my new plans for the new year. Until then please take care, and enjoy this Christmas season.

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