12 worst foods

I thought I’d start my quest for a better way of eating by researching what not to eat. I was surprised by some of the items I found, other’s were pretty obvious. So, without further ado, here is my list of 12 Worst Foods to Have in Your House:

1. Processed meats – these have too many nitrates.
2. Chips – these are too high in simple carbs, salt, and unhealthy fat.
3. Fries – same as above, plus portion sizes are way too generous unless you’re eating a kid’s meal.
4. Soda – both the full sugar and the artificial sweetened kinds are unhealthy for you.
5. Microwave popcorn – who knew? Apparently microwave popcorn has unhealthy oils and additives.
6. Hydrogenated oils or trans fats – these bad fats will lead to increased bad cholesterol and clogged arteries is eaten in too high quantities.
7. Charred meat – charred or singed meat is a carcinogen.
8. Sugary cereals – that’s pretty much all we have at my house! So sugary cereals are a double whammy. Not only are they way too sugary, the simple refined carbs (wheat, rice, corn, etc.) spike your blood sugar levels.
9. Refined and artificial sugars – we all know that sugar is not good for us but now we are finding out that artificial sweeteners may be even worse.
10. Refined flour – i.e. white four, is almost as bad as refined sugar in spiking your blood sugar levels.
11. Food labeled as “Low Fat” – this is because, when fat is taken out, well, other stuff has to be put in to make the food taste better.
12. Doughnuts – ah my beloved doughnut, these babies are pretty much bad all around. They have refined flour, sugar and are typically cooked in unhealthy fats.

Like I was saying in my post from yesterday, for most of last year, I was trying to eat healthily. While I wasn’t as successful as I would have hoped,  I did vastly improve my diet over what it had been previously. I cut out most refined flour and sugar by eating a plant based diet. Now while I don’t see me ever completely cutting out these 12 worst foods, I think it will be much easier to keep most of the items down to a once every few months indulgence.  I mean, yes I want to be healthy, but I also want to enjoy life.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Please come back tomorrow where I’ll reveal the 12 BEST foods you can eat.

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